Bergues Town Hall

Rebuilt in 1871 by OUTTERS, the current building takes over the Flemish Renaissance part of the old building. This one, which was originally located at Rue de l'Hotel de Ville, was rebuilt stone by stone, which justifies the date of 1665 as well as the arms of Philip IV of Spain surrounded by a necklace of the Golden Fleece engraved on the front facade.

With its façade of Belgian blue and Marquise gray stones, its mullioned windows, its engaged small columns and obelisks, the town hall of Bergues is reminiscent of buildings of the same era on the other side of the current frontier (Veurne, Tournai, Ghent).

On the right-hand side of the frontage, a bust of Lamartine recalls the election of the latter as deputy for Bergues in 1833. In addition to the administrative services of the town hall, the City Hall houses two reception rooms (the "Salon Blanc "and the" Salon Doré ") and the archives.

Other than traces of the Middle Age that mark the street, the alleys and squares, discover the city’s symbols as the military tank, or the statues of "la rouge flamande" and "Three Graces".

Notice the many architectural details on the facades: mascarons, engraved dates, niches in the walls, boot-scrapers, wheel-carriages and bells.

Mairie de Bergues
Place de la république
59380 Bergues

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