Digital "Hauts de Flandre"

Les Hauts de Flandre 2.0 looks virtual...

Visit our territory differently. "Hauts de Flandre" has acquired digital tools that will allow as many people as possible to enjoy new immersive experiences.

Whatever your center of interest, these tools will make you travel independently. The routes will be regularly renewed for a broader discovery of the territory. Download the 2 applications to enjoy unique and fun visits.

Available for free on App Store and Play Store

The free "tourist guide" that is revolutionizing access to heritage.
Bergues' Saint Winoc Abbey
For the 1000 years of  the Abbey, travel back in time and find it as it was before the French Revolution with its 3D unseen re-enactments
To better live the experience of virtual reality, remember to remove a cardboard (telephone holder) at the Tourist Office under the belfry.
Memory trail : La Plaine au Bois in Esquelbecq

This trail traces the tragic events experienced by British soldiers at "La Plaine au Bois" on May 28, 1940 during Operation “Dynamo”.

Download the free app and discover our new self-guided tours !

* Piste et Tresor by Furet Company

Little curious or big explorers, go on an adventure in the company of Nicolas the lion fighter of the Hauts de Flandre.

5 routes are already available in Bergues, Hondschoote, Wormhout, Esquelbecq and Volckerinckhove to discover or rediscover our towns and villages while having fun and discovering their legends!

Take advantage of it, it's totally free 

# The Virtual Tour of the Belfry - Travel without moving...

Immersive experience, as if you were there.

The Belfry of Bergues you have probably already visited it but we suggest you discover it differently. Accompanied by our two virtual guides, climb the Belfry effortlessly, installed in a room of the Belfry. After a 20-minute guided tour, you can then, still virtually, extend this visit by returning to the different rooms.

Accessible every day at 10:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m.

5 € / person. Reservations on our online store
Activity proposed from 10 years old.