Cafe des Orgues - Herzeele

Located in the small Flemish village of Herzeele lies a place to be missed under no circumstances. Imagine a location almost hidden from the street, modest at first glance, but holding a unique treasure in the world. As you enter the door and feel the welcome of the popular Flemish cafe, it won't be long before you start facing those imposing yet elegant mechanical organs.

With just over twenty remaining around the world, they are the last survivors ot the creative mind of Theophile Mortier. Each member of this melodious triumvirate is a complete orchestra.

Discovering this timeless place is the perfect opportunity to live through the ambiance of balls from the Belle Epoque, and to become intoxicaded by dancing to tunes from the past like the polka, the tango, the waltz, or even the rumba.

Open friday and saturday from 3pm to 11pm et sunday from 10am to 8pm.

2 rue des orgues
Tel : 0033 (0) / 0033 (0)