Old stones and ramparts in Bergues

Old stones and ramparts in Bergues

You wish to self-explore Bergues? No problem, the Tourist information bureau recommends 2 pedestrian circuits:

• The 3 km Old Stones Circuit invites you to raise your eyes to admire the architectural details on the buildings and leads you to the monuments that Bergues is famous for.

• The 4 km "Circuit des Remparts" will allow you to walk, depending on the location, either at the top or at the bottom of the walls. This Nature Walk will give you the desire to roll back the clock looking for the characters who have travelled these paths before you...

The documents are available in French, English and Dutch at the reception of Bergues Tourisme.

Average time is 1h30 per circuit.

* Price : 0.50 € / 1    ou    0.80 € / 2