Tourist tax

The Hauts de Flandre Intermunicipal Tourist Office was created on 1 January 2017, in application of the NOTRe Law, by the Hauts de Flandre Community of Municipalities (CCHF).

On September 26, 2017, the Community Council of the CCHF deliberated in favor of the introduction of a tourist tax on the scale of its territory of intervention, i.e. the 40 municipalities that make up the CCHF. As of January 1, 2018, the accommodation providers present in the territory will have to collect the tourist tax from the customers frequenting their accommodation, to transfer it to the Intercommunal Tourist Office.

The tax is levied on an actual basis, for all categories.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the CCHF platform: Platform of the Hauts de Flandre tax where you will find the rates, the list of municipalities of the CCHF, but also tools to collect the tax.

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