The Carnival

The carnival


If you come to Flanders during the months of January to March, do not miss the "Carnival" experience.

Highly anticipated time, the Carnival is an opportunity for the inhabitants to bring out their "clet’che", meaning their disguises, each more wacky than the other, to make up their face, to sing their bawdy popular songs and to live crazy days and nights of fun, led by the driving rhythm of fifes and drums.

Whether you are young or old, the carnival is practiced as well in the balls, as in the streets of our towns and villages that we call at home "the bands".

A true family tradition for some, the carnival is an opportunity to forget the worries of everyday life, but also to pay tribute to the privateer (Corsair) Jean-Bart, to the cheese of Bergues, and heroes of everyday life.

Come and try this experience like no other.