West-Cappel Chapel

The old presbytery chapel: Pilgrim of the Westhoek Chapel 

The beautiful porch of the old chapel (1779) adjacent to the town hall, naturally caught the attention of the association “Amis et Pèlerins du Westhoek”. Placed on the road of Saint-Jacques, finishing its construction presented the opportunity to honor Saint-Jacques le majeur (Saint James the Greater) and the pilgrims, so many of them through the centuries have frequented the routes to Santiago, Mont Saint-Michel and others... 

Sharing the idea to bring this place to life, the association, in partnership with the town of West-Cappel, went to Yser Houck association, specialist in the field, for the work. Protected building, it was necessary, first of all, to obtain the agreement of the architect from the “Batîments de France”. The Association of “Amis et Pèlerins du Westhoek”, with human support, provided the statues of Our Lady, Saint-Jacques and that of the wooden Westhoek Pilgrim, made by  Antoine POULEYN from Hondschoote, but also the Blue stones of Tournai for paving. Flemish yellow bricks were donated by a community. 

The inauguration took place on July 23rd, 2016 as part of the 3-day walk of Westhoek trail between Hondschoote and Saint-Omer. 

A highlight for the community of West-Cappel, the Association “Amis et Pèlerins du Westhoek”, the volunteers, the pilgrims, the walkers, the hikers and the tourists present during this summer period. 

Location :
Chapelle du Pèlerin du Westhoek
41 Rue du Contour de l'Église
59380 West-Cappel