The Chapels of Cappellebrouck

Our Lady of Good Help Chapel

The Chapel dates from 1858, The Lady is prayed against headaches. The chapel cas on occasion to pause.  The traveller took opportunity to pray the Holy Mary for protection against dangers he might encounter during his trip. On August 15, feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the chapel as the purpose of a procession. The sanctuary was open and decorated for the occasion. They sans a hymn, said invocations, and the procession returned to the church for consecration.


Coevoet chapelchapelle coevoet cappellebrouck

An eighteenth-century wooden Virgin was there, as well as a painting from the same period of the Virgin carrying the Child Jesus. The chapel is very old: one can read on a stone two dates (1816 and 1878) indicating successive restorations. As soon as the chapel was built, a vow was made to sing the Mass every year in the chapel, and a special virtue was attributed to the candles burnt in large numbers, with the encouragement of the pastor of the time. 

No farmer brought his animals out of the barn until this mass was sung. Blessings were requested for the farms, a protection of the Blessed Virgin against accidents, but it was invoked above all against fever. 

The Sacred Heart Chapelchapelle sacré coeur cappellebrouck


Some chapels are located inside the house, integrated into it, as in Cappellebrouck, the Chapel of the Sacred Heart maintained by the new owners of the old harness. 

Inside the chapel are three large statues and a smaller one, representing a baby. We visit to address fertility issues and to protect newborns.


La Chapelle Notre Dame de la Gardechapelle notre dame de la garde

The chapels are always facing the road, for passers-by. Regular maintenance is the only guarantee to pass on this legacy to our children. 

A wrought iron cross is most often on the top of the chapels. Inside, on the altar, there is a wooden statue of Our Lady to whom the chapel is dedicated. 

 The cult of Our Lady of the Guard is also inland. It is a devotion that we find throughout France. Some chapels are erected following a vow formed by the donor to obtain either the healing of a loved one, the end of a plague that ravaged the crops, or the return of a son of war .