Saint-Folquin Church and its bell tower

Saint-Folquin Church and its bell tower

Saint-Folquin church in Esquelbecq dates from the 10th century. The church architecture kept changing till the 17th century to become a typical Flemish Hallekerque. This one has, indeed, three naves of equal dimensions. It is classified in the inventory of the Historical Monuments, since July 20, 1945. The church of the village is dedicated to Saint-Folquin, first cousin of Charlemagne and 15th bishop of Therouanne, who died in Esquelbecq on December 14, 855. He is one of the patron saints of pregnancy and against fevers.

Unfortunately, on Palm Sunday, April 11, 1976, around 5.30 pm, a gigantic fire completely ravaged the church. Only the baptismal font and the sacristy have been spared. The church was reopened to worship on Christmas Eve 1978. The architect of National monuments focused on the Flemish architectural character of the 16th and 17th centuries, and it is a great success.

75 steps lead you to the carillon of the church steeple. There, you will discover the 23 bells that ring, every quarter of an hour, the typical tunes of the region. Do not forget your cameras, because from up there you have a panoramic view of the plain of the Yser, the castle and the village square which has preserved its authentic Flemish character.

On the 1st floor of the bell tower, you can discover an exhibition of religious objects and watch a movie about the church fire in 1976. The bell tower of Saint-Folquin church is one of the few in the region open for tourists on guided visit and has its own carillon.

The Church is fees free to visit during the National Heritage Days (calendar available at Esquelbecq Tourism bureau).

Guided tours for groups of the church and the bell tower are also possible, upon reservation (paid visits).

Eglise Saint-Folquin
9 Place Alphonse BERGEROT
59470 Esquelbecq